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Mobile drum belt filtration machine

Welfare filtrate

An innovative solution for cleaning the metalwoking fluid of your machines

Welfare filtrate

Welfare filtrate brings you an innovative solution to the problem of clogging of your CNC machines. It is a mobile device that removes machining chips from machine tanks and removes impurities from metalworking fluids.

The device works on the principle of filtration, only during the air supply and directly while the machine is running. The device is fully automatic and the financial return is very fast. Its use significantly extends the service life of the machining fluids in the machines and thus also the service life of the machines themselves (clogging of pumps, cooling distributions and clogging of machine tanks is reduced).

Thanks to our own production and development, we can tailor it for your operation and know all the parts of our equipment in detail. In the event of a breakdown, we keep all spare parts in stock and return the device to operation in the shortest possible time. Post-warranty service is guaranteed.

We have a video for you:

How it all works


Filtration principle

klein bottle

Contaminated fluid is sucked into the filter tank

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In the tank, dirt and chips are separated from the metalworking fluid through a filter fabric

u turn to right

Clean metalworking fluid is returned to the machine


Level sensors ensure automatic movement of the filter fabric

What makes our device unique

Welfare filtrate benefits

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Cleans the metalworking fluid from machining chips and fine dirt

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Prevents clogging of pumps and machine distributions, extends the life of the machine

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It minimizes the risk of skin problems for machine operators

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The device is fully mobile and easy to handle

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It is made of quality and durable materials

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Filters chips up to 15 mm in size

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It works on the air supply directly while the machine is running

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Contains a level switch for automatic filter paper advance

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Consumption: 0.12 kW (for fabric movement)

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An innovative solution from our own workshop - we are able to adapt it to the size of the operation

Do you want to extend the life of your machines?

Questions and answers


What makes our solution better?

Welfare filtrate is an innovative solution and a completely new innovation on the market. We offer it to clients at an unbeatable price in terms of quality/performance. And because we are manufacturers, we are able to customize the equipment for each operation.

What is the warranty?

By law, it is 2 years. During and after the warranty period, we are at your disposal for any consultation regarding the device and its operation.
Because we keep all spare parts in stock and are manufacturers, in 95% of cases we are able to repair the equipment on site at the customer’s location.

How do I know if I need Welfare filtrate, Welfare separate or both?

The easiest way is to contact us with your problem and we will suggest a solution. We will choose the right device or just recommend an additive to fluid that will solve the problem.

How often should the emulsion fluids in the tank be changed?

Metalworking water-based fluid is a mixture of water and oil and has a “lifespan” affected by use and wear. After that, there is a risk of, for example, damage to the machine, machined ingots, etc.
The ideal time for exchange is therefore a few months, we consider the whole year to be borderline.
If you use our filter devices, you can extend this time up to 4 times.

How often does the Welfare filter need to run?

Depending on the filtration performance of the device and the contamination of the fluid, we will suggest directly for your operation how long the device should be connected on which machine.
Importantly, the device works on air, it needs electrical energy for the automatic slider, but its consumption is minimal.

How small parts can the welfare filtrate filter out?

A drum belt filter can separate millimeter-sized parts from the emulsion.