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Machine cleaning


Complete service and equipment for your machines, including the option of ecological waste disposal

Machine cleaning

For cleaning, we use the most modern MKR SF 500 cleaning equipment with a specially adapted vacuum cleaner with a volume of 500 l, which can completely vacuum the entire tank of the machine. The built-in high-pressure pump then cleans the inside of the machine using filtered fluid. And with the help of technical preparations, we fine-tune the machine to the maximum.

We can clean all kinds of metalworking fluids, water from degreasing baths, cutting fluids, hydraulic oils and many other fluids and oils. We have been cleaning machines for over 15 years, we use proven cleaning and disinfecting agents and we are constantly improving our services. As we are engineers, we understand all brands of machines.

čištění strojů
Čištění strojů - detail
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It reduces the risk of unplanned machine servicing

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Increases the cleanliness of the environment

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Reduces the risk of skin problems for machine operators

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Complete vacuuming of the machine tank

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Quick cleaning - minimal downtime of the machine from production

thanks to the powerful vacuum cleaner, machine downtime is between 30 minutes and two hours

Questions and answers


What makes our solution better?

Welfare filtrate is an innovative solution and a completely new innovation on the market. We offer it to clients at an unbeatable price in terms of quality/performance. And because we are manufacturers, we are able to customize the equipment for each operation.

What types of fluids can you clean?

We can clean all kinds of metal working fluids, water from degreasing baths, cutting oils, hydraulic oils and many other liquids and oils.

How often should the emulsion fluids in the tank be changed?

Metalworking water-based fluid is a mixture of water and oil and has a “lifespan” affected by use and wear. After that, there is a risk of, for example, damage to the machine, machined ingots, etc.
The ideal time for exchange is therefore a few months, we consider the whole year to be borderline.
If you use our filter devices, you can extend this time up to 4 times.

What about the fluid you suck out of the tank?

We work with companies that can dispose of fluid in a gentle and ecological way. We will arrange the cleaning of the machines and the ecological disposal of the waste fluid, and you can devote yourself fully to your business.

Do you want to extend the life of your machines?