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We extend the service life
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Get advice on solving emulsion problems from a company that specializes in emulsion care.

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Welfare fluid

welfare fluid

We are manufacturers of modern equipment for efficient cleaning of machining fluids while machines are running.

Our priority is to ensure trouble-free service to prevent unexpected machine shutdowns.

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What do we offer?

Our products


Innovative solution to clogging up of your CNC machines. It removes plastic and aluminum splints, cast iron sludge and other residual material from the machine tank. It extends the life span of fluids and prevents unplanned shutdowns

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drops the risk of pump clogging

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prevents machine tanks from clogging

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prevents clogging of machine fluid distribution

Welfare filtrate


Highly efficient device for fast removal of tramp oils and slight impurities from water-based process fluids. Drops the risk of skin problems for machine operators and reduces the smell of the machine surroundings. Complete stainless steel design. Prevents clogging of machines. Mobile and automatic device.

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complete stainless steel design

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prevents clogging of machines

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mobile and automatic device

Welfare separate

Drum belt filtration or tramp oil separator

How to purchase?


Contact us

Via e-mail, phone or the contact form.
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Rental for trial

We´ll bring the device to you, connect it and explain everything you need to know. The device is lent to you completely free for a week.

Satisfied? It's yours

The device can stay connected and together we will take care of financing and other necessary details.

We are always available

After we sign the contract, we are available for any questions – even after the warranty expires.

Our products save your money and time.

Do you want to extend the life of your machines?

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Our services

Machine cleaning

For cleaning, we use the most modern cleaning equipment with a specially adapted vacuum cleaner – MKR SF 500 – that can completely vacuum the entire tank of the machine. The built-in high-pressure pump then cleans the inside of the machine using filtered emulsion. And with the help of technical preparations, we tune the machine for the maximum effect.

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15 years of experience, while still educating ourselves

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as engineers we understand all the brands of machines


Are you considering:

  • suitable process fluid
  • oil, lubricant, preservative instrument, additive
  • filter fabric
  • mixer of machining fluids
  • belt separator
  • anything else to add to your machinery?
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We give advice in many areas of machine cleaning and maintenance

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We use proven cleaners and detergents

We come, clean and fill



Contact us.

Via e-mail, phone or the contact form.

We´ll arrive.

We will also take our specially adapted mobile vacuum cleaner with us.

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We vacuum and clean the entire tank

We are able to vacuum the entire tank with the capacity up to 500 l at once – in approximately half an hour.

New in, old out

We are happy to give you advice with the selection of new fluids – In case of agreement, we bring the fluids straight with us.

We will clean your machines with minimal necessary downtime. See for yourself!

Does your machine operator have skin problems?

Companies often solve this problem by changing the emulsion supplier, they try to use expensive emulsions from other manufacturers, which can partially solve the problem, but at what cost? It certainly applies: health is better than wealth. Have your CNC machines professionally cleaned, disinfect the cooling and emulsion distribution system in the machine, and you will see that in operation, with regular machine cleaning, not only the machine will work perfectly without sudden breakdowns, but also the machine operator will have no skin problems when using a more affordable emulsion.

Is there a smell or deterioration of the emulsion in your operation?

Did you know that it is enough to use the right disinfectant chemistry, properly treat the emulsion against bacteria, and the problem is quickly and inexpensively solved?
If it is not enough to rid the emulsion of bacteria and the situation with the smell is repeated, we will professionally clean the entire tank, all places in the machine where the emulsion flows, and thus guarantee that the problem will not occur again.

The more expensive the emulsion, the better?

The price of the fluid is not decisive. Caring for emulsions is always crucial. If your emulsion supplier can take good care of the fluids in the machines, clean the machines, they can also advise and select the best fluid for your operation. We know from practice that the emulsion brand is not decisive. Often, the more well-known the brand, the higher the price of the emulsion, with a large part of the price being the margin of the selected brand. We buy machining fluids directly from additive companies, so you get the best on the market at the best price. The brand is not important, what is important is the smoothness of fluids in your entire operation, which we can guarantee.

Does corrosion appear in the machine or on machined parts? High smokiness? Do you have dirty machines in the machining area? Can't you see through the deposits of dirt stuck to the windows of the machines into the machining area?

You probably have a lot of minerals (salts) in the emulsion. Most often magnesium, calcium. There are several reasons for the high salinity of the emulsion. Poor water quality at the inlet, or frequent machining of aluminum alloys with a high magnesium content, which is released into the emulsion during machining.
We can solve all the mentioned problems quickly and easily. Just choose the right machining fluid.

Do you have problems with surface treatments on machined parts? Especially with anodizing?

Your emulsion is probably reacting with the machined material – the maps on the surface after surface treatment. The problem often appears already during the machining process – the machined material oxidizes. Everything can be solved quickly with a modern fluid that does not react with the machined material.

Do you need advice or consultation?

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